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Employer Services

BuilThem offers two options to ​fulfill the needs of your professional and business workloads.

One of our core values is to “create successful, reciprocal relationships” through identifying opportunities for our professional staff and candidates while adding value to our participating businesses. 

See below to review which option works best for your specific business needs.

Virtual Team Meeting

BuilThem Team Service

This option provides the expertise of BuiThem's professional team to complete projects and various workloads. We fulfill the various needs of our clients through customized plans, while strongly considering the starting point and desired outcomes.


Whether you need to build your execution strategy, work on a specific project, procure an outside administrative or other department, build client base, expand existing accounts, or implement a business development culture, BuilThem can help you reach your goals.

Some of the key benefits of working with our professional team include: 

  • Highly skilled professionals from various business sectors at your fingertips 

  • Option to outsource by project or on an ongoing basis

  • More time to focus your resources on other business priorities

  • Option for expedited services for high priority projects

  • Advance your business at lower cost than hiring full time employees

Have questions about how we can help you with your specific business needs OR ready to move forward? 

Professional Candidate Service

This options provides our qualified professional candidates the opportunity to work directly with our participating professionals and corporations. We aim for our candidates to be a valued team member to our professionals and corporations.

We primarily support:

Temp to Hire: Work with one of our employees in your organization to evaluate their skills and fit before making an offer to ensure you hire the right person the first time.


Direct Hire: We recruit and screen candidates for you. We interview or work directly with candidates before presenting to ensure an accurate fit to your requirements. We match professional candidates to participating companies depending on the position offered and qualifications and skills necessary to be successful in that position. Candidates will then will apply as instructed.

Some of the key benefits of working with our professional candidates include: 

  • Our recruitment services are cost-free 

  • Many of our job seekers qualify their employer for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit 

  • Public relations opportunities 

  • Diversity opportunities

  • Cost-free consultation pertaining to hiring individuals with barriers to employment

  • Contribute to positive social impact initiatives through providing opportunities to individuals with various barriers to employment

Have questions about our candidates services, OR ready to review our candidates?

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