Business Meeting


Our five phase process is results focused and collaboratively oriented. We start by defining objectives, then we research, analyze and synthesize the results to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to help our clients reach their goals.

Business Meeting

During the consultation we provide information on how we can help you solve your problems. This is the time to discuss your specific needs, overall vision, and desired approaches to reach your goals. We'll then make a diagnosis based on the presented problem(s), then recommend solutions with regard to your specific needs, vision and goals.



Judge's Table

Based on key metrics identified in the Consult, we’ll draft a proposal or agreement which outlines the scope of work for your project(s). Each party will sign a commitment agreement and later approve the scope of work and action plans proposed. 




This is when we begin constructing a specific action plan and laying the groundwork to build on the recommendations and proposed solutions offered in the Phase 1 Consult. This is a specific, measurable plan constructed with your specific needs, vision and goals in mind, all set on a specific timeline.




During this step, our team will present you with all of our completed plans. This is one of the most important aspects of our process as it is the final step before implementation or execution of the plans towards your goals.  This is when you present your feedback, comments and questions about what we’ve proposed and produced so far – this is also the time to make any changes or additions prior to completion!




ACTION! This is when we move forward with full implementation of agreed upon plans and actions. Our 5 Phase Process – Consult, Commit, Construct, Calibrate, and Complete has led us to this point. Then we REPEAT this cycle for any additions or future projects to which we Commit. This process ensures we provide the most streamlined and comprehensive plans to help you reach your goals. You can relax and let us do what we do best.