What we do>

We have developed specialized programs that benefit individuals in three main ways: 

  • we provide jobs;

  • we help individuals find jobs;


  • we provide professional enhancement opportunities for individuals with barriers of entry to employment as they transition into, or through the workforce.


Through outsourcing workloads to BuilThem, our clients and corporate partners contribute significantly to professional education, training and employee development which brings our philanthropic programs to life for individuals and communities.

Social Impact 

Our Social Impact

Corporate Responsibility

Who we are >


We aim to create the best value with every interaction. Due diligence is our practice norm, upon initial contact and throughout the life of our relationships. How can we help you?

We are inherently focused on our corporate  responsibility through providing high quality professional expertise our many professional services. We extend this responsibility to the larger communities in which we work and live. Our commitment to a diverse workforce, an ethical culture, deep community engagement and sustainable practices highlight our standards in corporate and community responsibility.

Our Corporate Responsibility